To equip our children with quality education that ultimately enable them come at par with other areas of Pakistan and beside this, to educate the less privileged section of society with the high quality of education.


To ensure that every child gets an opportunity to high standard of education

Background and History

Balochistan Residential Public School was established in February 2017. The basic purpose behind the establishment of this school is to provide quality education to the children of Balochistan. Balochistan Residential Public School operates under the framework of Mergarh Educational Society. Presently, Balochistan Residential Public School operates in two sections.

  1. Section – A, located on Kasi Road, Quetta is for day scholars.
  2. Section – B, located on Sabzal Road, Quetta is for hostelites.

Balochistan Residential Public School functions on public school system and follows the courses of study prescribed by Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE). Currently, Balochistan Residential Public School fulfills its responsibilities to hundreds of students from 27 districts of Balochistan province. Our students are our pride and we will continue to strive for the betterment of education in the province and bringing these students at par with other areas of Pakistan.

Founder’s Profile

Principal Balochistan Residential Public School Abdul Wahab (MS, M.Ed) has a long history of service in the filed of education and schooling. He began his career as an English Language instructor at Hamdam Organization for the Promotion of Education(HOPE) in the year 2005, where he served for four years. Later on he began another teaching career at Iqra English Institute, HIT institute, and Moonlight Public High School.

In the year 2011 he began his teaching career at Ghazi Abullah Khan Ilmi Markaz, Quetta. Moving up the ranks, he was elevated to head teacher and ultimately, he was appointed admin & finance officer at Ghazi Abdullah Khan Ilmi Markaz, Quetta. During his service period at Ghazi Abdullah Khan Ilmi Markaz, Quetta he oversaw the academic progress, general administration and financial aspects of the school and successfully passed out hundred of students to residential colleges across Pakistan.

In 2017, he decided to establish Balochistan Residential Public School with the aim of bringing further diversity and excellence to the filed. BRPS represents the culmination of his decades – old experience, skills and achievement in the filed of education.

Education programs

Balochistan Residential Public School follows the course prescribed by Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE).

Why Balochistan Residential Public School?

Experienced Teachers

Balochistan Residential Public School employs  some of  the top qualified teachers as its academic staff. Our teachers are experts in and enthusiastic about the subjects they teach, and also about helping  our students succeed in their academic endeavors.

In depth Learning

The management of Balochistan Residential Public School believe in in-depth and multi-dimensional learning by giving them the chance to think for themselves and make learning a part of their thinking.


We have students from all over Balochistan where  students find a chance to interact with their fellows from across the  province which ultimately develops a good understanding of one another.

Unique characteristics

Balochistan Residential Public School believes in replacing the old mould of teaching by new approaches

  • We believe that every child is a special child
  • Need-based Scholarships
  • Sports
Success stories

Since 2017,  Balochistan Residential Public School has successfully passed out 148 students to Pakistan Boys Scout Batrasi Mansehra, Abbotabad, Military College , SUI, Cadet College Ormara, BRC Lorlai, BRC Zhob, BRC Khuzdar, BRC Turbat, Cadet College Killa Saifullah, Cadet College  Pishin, Cadet College Mastung, Cadet College Jaffarabad, Cadet College Nushki, Cadet College Kohlu and Cadet College Pajgur

Special Achievement

In 2019, Balochistan Residential Public School students won all the reserved quota for Balochistan at Pakistan Scout cadet  College, Batrasi, Menshra Abbottabad.

Curriculum enrichment


Social & health education



Co – and extra curricular activities

Quiz competitions

Speech competitions

Educational trips

Student Counselling

 BRPS gives great importance to student counselling. We have identified counselors from within our school who focus on students’ wellbeing, and counsel them on social and emotional issues.