Admission Cycle

Admission starting date: 1st of February ( each year)

Admission closing date: 15th of March ( each year)



Admission Process


  1. Prospectus

Parents will obtain the prospectus form from our admission office. The prospectus detail all the information about BRPS, registration form and specimen papers.               

  1. Registration

Our registration staff will support parents in filling out the registration form. Parents can also download registration form from our website, fill it and return it to our office.

  1. Test

After the registration, the student will have to appear in a placement test. The parents and student will be informed about the result of the test the same day and the student will be enrolled only after he clears the test and interview.

  1. Interview

The interview is conducted to evaluate the student. Once the student clears the interview, the parents will be directed to complete the remaining steps.


  1. Enrollment

The parents will be required to complete the necessary arrangements for enrollments


BRPS has reserved a 10% quota for orphans, needy and staff members. Those students who qualifies for a scholarship is given 100% fee waiver for the whole academic year.